Orto Urbano is a practical solution for creating a mobile “urban garden” to place on apartment balconies and terraces.

Orto Urbano makes it possible for anyone to cultivate their own vegetable garden or green space completely independently, even without a garden.

Orto Urbano is easy to assemble; it comes in three pieces usually used for packaging and shipping kits.Mai pensato ad un orticello sul balcone?

Orto Urbano standard is available in three sizes:

  • Orto Urbano SMALL, with internal measurements 80x60cmx20h, for 100 Lt of soil
  • Orto Urbano LARGE, with internal measurements 120x80cmx20h, for 190 Lt of soil
  • Orto Urbano MAXI, with internal measurements 120x100cmx20h, for 240 Lt of soil

The components used to build the Orto Urbano are:

  • 1 pallet in pinewood
  • 1 collapsible wall in pinewood
  • 1 base in perforated plywood
  • 1 TNT sized bag

Orto Urbano is a very versatile kit-system: the walls are stackable, which means you can grow any kind of plant, depending on
your taste and requirements, making Orto Urbano an excellent alternative to a garden.

Orto Urbano is a patented system and registered name 11/2013