Green fingers but not much space?

Hi, I am Orto Urbano


Orto Urbano is a practical solution for creating a mobile “urban garden” to place on apartment balconies and terraces.

Orto Urbano makes it possible for anyone to cultivate their own vegetable garden or green space completely independently, even without a garden.

Orto Urbano is easy to assemble; it comes in three pieces usually used for packaging and shipping kits.Mai pensato ad un orticello sul balcone?

Orto Urbano standard is available in three sizes:

  • Orto Urbano SMALL, with internal measurements 80x60cmx20h, for 100 Lt of soil
  • Orto Urbano LARGE, with internal measurements 120x80cmx20h, for 190 Lt of soil
  • Orto Urbano MAXI, with internal measurements 120x100cmx20h, for 240 Lt of soil

The components used to build the Orto Urbano are:

  • 1 pallet in pinewood
  • 1 collapsible wall in pinewood
  • 1 base in perforated plywood
  • 1 TNT sized bag

Orto Urbano is a very versatile kit-system: the walls are stackable, which means you can grow any kind of plant, depending on
your taste and requirements, making Orto Urbano an excellent alternative to a garden.

Orto Urbano is a patented system and registered name 11/2013


How does it work? It’s very easy!

Assembling your Orto Urbano really is as easy as pie.

1. position the pallet
2. open out the walls, following the guides
3. position the walls on the pallet
4. place the base on the pallet


What do you want to plant?

Orto Urbano is your domestic garden. The big castors allow you to move your Orto Urbano to whichever position you want – in the sun, in the rain, or in the shade, depending on what you decide to cultivate. The wheels also help keep the area round your domestic garden clean and allow water to flow better during watering.

Have fun inventing new floral compositions, sowing herbs and planting small vegetables. It’s time to enjoy the fruits of the earth that you’ve grown yourself in your Orto Urbano.

  • carrots
  • basil
  • rocket
  • courgettes
  • tomatoes
  • mother-in-law*

* might not agree.

Our tips:

Spread a first layer of about 3/4cm of clay pebbles or similar.

Cover with a sheet of non-woven fabric

Soil mix comprising potting soil, sand, peat and compost.

Who is orto urbano for?

Orto Urbano is a domestic garden for balconies, terraces, apartments, restaurants, offices, shops and trade fairs. It can positioned wherever good taste and simplicity are needed.

Orto-urbano as you want

Orto-urbano facile” and Orto-urbano su misuraare born from your requests and ideas. Starting from our base, we can create your orto-urbano like you need. Look at this example we made for our clients:

Orto-urbano “Facile“, raised for simplify access with wheelchair.

Orto-urbano “su misura” was made for specific requests of a restaurant

Like other versions, Orto-urbano is change to be a table with bench.

Orto Urbano, I ♥ you

The first, the Lia’s Orto Urbano
il balcone della Sig.ra Lia, ideatrice di orto urbano - Milano
il balcone della Sig.ra Lia, ideatrice di orto urbano - Milano

This is a photo of the final version of the orto urbano created by Lia in the Small and Large versions.
Alessandro and Massimo are the two brothers who designed a domestic system for creating an ORTO URBANO, working it out and developing it following their mother Lia’s advice that you use a garden, not look at it…

From here came the idea to produce Orto Urbano on a large scale, to give anyone who so wanted or needed, the chance to create a garden on their balcony without having the need for a garden or a piece of land.


Orto urbano floreale.
Centro Giardinaggio San Fruttuoso.

Orto urbano aromatico.
Centro Giardinaggio San Fruttuoso.


Orto-urbano’s best friend?

For make a good vegetable garden on your balcony, use tecnogarden service Compost!

Where can you find it?
From these friends of ours!

We can ship it!

Do you want Orto Urbano but you live too far from us and our partners? Here are our pricelist to ship your next orto-urbano direct at your address.

Orto Urbano SMALL
Ext Dim. cm 80x60x32h
Base € 110,00
With Wheels € 150,00

upon request
Orto Urbano LARGE
Ext Dim. cm 125x86x52h
Base € 125,00
With Wheels € 165,00

upon request
Orto Urbano MAXI
Ext Dim. cm 125x105x53h
Base € 150,00
With Wheels € 190,00

upon request
Ext Dim. cm 80x60x20 h
€ 30,00

upon request


Dim. Esterne cm 120x80x20 h
€ 35,00

upon request


Walls MAXI
Dim. Esterne cm 120x100x20 h

€ 40,00

upon request

ORTO URBANO is made by: nr 1 pinewood (with or without wheels), nr 1 in perforated plywood, nr 1 collapsible pinewood wall height 20cm, TNT Bag (tessuto non tessuto), packed in cardboard box. Prices tax (IVA 22%) incluse.

Order now your orto-urbano!