What do you want to plant?

Orto Urbano is your domestic garden. The big castors allow you to move your Orto Urbano to whichever position you want – in the sun, in the rain, or in the shade, depending on what you decide to cultivate. The wheels also help keep the area round your domestic garden clean and allow water to flow better during watering.

Have fun inventing new floral compositions, sowing herbs and planting small vegetables. It’s time to enjoy the fruits of the earth that you’ve grown yourself in your Orto Urbano.

  • carrots
  • basil
  • rocket
  • courgettes
  • tomatoes
  • mother-in-law*

* might not agree.

Our tips:

Spread a first layer of about 3/4cm of clay pebbles or similar.

Cover with a sheet of non-woven fabric

Soil mix comprising potting soil, sand, peat and compost.

Who is orto urbano for?

Orto Urbano is a domestic garden for balconies, terraces, apartments, restaurants, offices, shops and trade fairs. It can positioned wherever good taste and simplicity are needed.